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Poets in Motion

The Obstacle

by Bianca Wargo about a year ago in slam poetry


The Obstacle

I try to write stories

Or tell them,

Whichever sounds better.

It's just hard when your words—

Your charisma—

Your humor—

Don't match the flow of the waters around you.

Because water moves—

It moves constantly,

And so easily, it moves past its obstacles.

I feel stuck.

I feel as if I am the obstacle.

I am the rock in the water,

Slowly eroded by the waters around me,

Simply because they move

And I just don't.

And because water is so fluid,

They always find a way around me

And they move on,

Move past the rock lodged in the ground,

And never look back.

slam poetry
Bianca Wargo
Bianca Wargo
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