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The Nowhere Place

A Poem about Apathy

By ArchiePublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Nowhere Place
Photo by Artur Pokusin on Unsplash

Creatures of habit whisk me away

Take me away to a nowhere place

Where the grass is grey and bland and dead

Finally there I can fully rest my head.

Where the days are blue and the sun is red, they mix together to form a twilight that lights the fields up.

Where the moon shines like the stars, I want to exist in a world free of it.

The night will last past the days and it always seems to rain. I will bask and live and rot and wallow.

Let the days roll past me.

Let the earth swallow me whole and as sinking past the roots and the mud I will feel my brain circle less and my fingers begin to decay and my legs become cramp with disuse. The dirt and insects and roots will open up and as I go comfortably in the unknown I will know that at least I will be useful as Plant Food and that the roots of great trees will hug my body so tight that my eyes will be offered up to the worms and they will live on because I refused to.

I will die amongst the stars and the nowhere king and we sing sweet songs of apathy, as the grey ocean of time rolls past me, and its forgetting me as I forget it and its waves roll onwards.

This nowhere place will be my forever home .

surreal poetry

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