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by Aaron 2 months ago in excerpts
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I am also very happy to have such a feeling, pure and long, in this complicated world, there is such a friend, worth your blessing, to miss......

In the long road of life, there will always be a few very special people, just like you. Perhaps just pure spiritual sustenance, perhaps can not be simply classified as a friend, because you pour love beyond the boundaries of general friends, but can not sublimate to the feeling of love, between us often light as water. That emotion, which is beyond friendship and cannot be classified as love, is something in between. Sometimes life is quiet like a dry well, but with a friend like you, there will be some ripples in my life, some color, I think of you. Silently remember you, maybe this life this world will not forget you.

I will think of you silently in an occasional time, when I think of you, my heart is warm, there is a good, there is a moved. In sorrow and trouble, I will think of you, I hope you can be around, give me comfort, give me understanding, but I never talk to you, I am afraid that belongs to their own sadness will hinder your peaceful life. We seldom contact, in the long life, we together of the time, perhaps only a few one over ten thousand but in each other's heart a miss, are kept on a charge, even if you go to the end of the world, even if many, many years, even if meet again, already was not thing is not, I will still be so profound remember, this is enough. You may have comforted me because I was sad, or you may have comforted me because I was confused and cried. Your heart is always open to me. You help and comfort me as always, but I only a faint memory of you. Occasionally leisure, I will think of you quietly, silently read you. Happy, will tell you in the first time, because I hope you can share happiness together, but when sad trouble, will also think of you, still hope you can give me a greeting, only one, is enough to make me happy, let all the trouble go with the wind, will be calm as water.

Will because of a song, a color, think of you, think of your sincerity, think of your persistence, think of the ups and downs we have experienced together. Think of bring me sleepless good, my heart is always warm, clinging to your love, your edge. Your love makes me often cry like rain, not to have, just hope to be crazy wait. Just left a small space in the bottom of my heart, quietly clinging to the feelings that can not be explained. Because of your existence, life will be more than a rainbow. Because I have a friend like you, I will cherish my life more and love my life, because I know that you wish me a good life and hope that I can take good care of myself. When we meet again, I hope I can tell you that I am very happy. Those secular ideas, in the heart, because of your existence and become pale, just quietly in the bottom of my heart to hold that good memories, from the beginning to know, there will be no love between us, it seems to talk about love to desecrate this emotion, this can only be a kind of friendship.

This is a kind of beyond nature, over love and friendship above pure alternative feelings. Because of this detached emotion, even if there is no vow to grow old together, but still feel enchanted. Perhaps acquaintance acquaintance is just a moment, but to completely forget but to use a lifetime of time, but very grateful to fate, thank God gave such a person, a let me in this world is no longer lonely, no longer lonely person. There is such a feeling, when hurt will give comfort in time, in this world what more want? Such a person, such a kind of emotion, let me enjoy a lifetime of attachment and lead partner, with thoughts and memories of this life, this kind of emotion, this kind of friend can only take heart to feel; Only the heart to treasure.

There are a lot of scenery to appreciate in the journey of life. Walking slowly with a person will raise the long-lost warmth in my heart. Although the cold in nature can solidify our body fluids and weaken our consciousness, it cannot prevent the temperature of our minds from rising. With the soul of the warm, can affect each other once strange, can be in the ocean of thought gallop, each other. Pain when more than one person to share, will reduce a pain, happiness when more than one person to share, will be more than a happy. Although this life will not be rich in material, but it can make the soul rich, that is the sincere affection between friends.

Our company is a sincere exchange of time. Some people say: some fate is doomed to escape. Yes, predestined will be together, there is love to cherish. In the human world, how many love and hate, in the world, how many people can stand together through thick and thin, and how many people can accompany a journey? People meet each other, destined to become a beautiful legend, like a flower like a month, when waiting for open, spit a wisp of fragrance, pleasant people heart, in the bright light and shadow, such as practice, pure and sweet emotion. If there is no noisy trouble, what kind of mellow it is! With the confusion of common things, this is even more precious! Memories make people smile, smile makes people intoxicated, especially in the flowers, the light of the wind, the dance of the clouds, the freedom of the birds, the cool water. Let such feelings walk in the body, floating in the vein, a kind of happiness is self-evident, a kind of happiness ripples in the heart, a kind of enthusiasm is not invited to, a kind of warmth without waiting.

No matter how it ends, life will come to an end. Don't want to lose, don't want to slip away, although time can let us go too long, just like the song: after all, we have met. Some are destined to be broken, as long as our hearts are still, no matter how far we go, the care of each other will grow old. Life always has a curtain call one day, we will have old time, no matter how the heart is vicissitudes of life wash rinse, but deep feeling is still full of. Because no longer young, so cherish have; Because of the experience of a long time, so feeling the truth. Because sincere walk together, scatter is bound to be the most beautiful fragrance in life.

I am very grateful to have a person like you in this world. You are not by my side and you have done nothing for me. But I hope that you will live a good life and live a long and happy life.

I am also very happy to have such a feeling, pure and long, in this complicated world, there is such a friend, worth your blessing, to miss......


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