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The Neighbour Upstairs

A Poem

By Conor MatthewsPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Neighbour Upstairs
Photo by Steve McSkudder on Unsplash

I have a neighbour upstairs ,

And they can be loud.

At night, in the morning,

How can one person make so much sound?

They’re always upstairs,

They just never leave ,

Not for work, not for sleep,

The noise has no reprieve.

What’s strange is I live in a house,

There’s no one above me.

The neighbour isn’t real; never was,

But how can that be?

I know I have neighbour, Even if they don’t exist.

I want to admit they’re not there,

But I can’t, I must resist.

I have a neighbour upstairs,

Whether you believe me or not.

I know they shouldn’t be,

But I guess that’s my lot.

So they’re up there now,

Banging away.

And I have no choice but to listen,

All night and all day.

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Conor Matthews

Writer. Opinions are my own. https://ko-fi.com/conormatthews

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    Conor MatthewsWritten by Conor Matthews

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