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The Mountain is Alive

by Amanda Starks 2 years ago in nature poetry
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A Fate of Fire Poem

The Mountain is Alive
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Journey beyond rationality;

beyond the fog veil and grey cliffs

to a cave at the peak of the world

Walk with clammy hands upon its rotting walls

feel the wet cries of generations past,

and thrum in time with the steady heartbeat

of the slumbering beast

Beneath the looming dark and stagnant stone

lies the rhythm of creation

a hollow ticking clock with sleeping teeth

and prickling feathers ready to unleash

nature's fury

Beware: the mountain is alive

every rumble, shift and sigh is life

knocking down the roots of temporary oblivion

nature poetry

About the author

Amanda Starks

Book hoarder, fantasy author, gaming goblin. I am currently working on my debut novel, CASTLING. Follow me on Twitter @Amanda_Starkes and subscribe to my email list at amandastarks.com to keep up with the madness!

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