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the MountaiN

by Francis L 2 months ago in inspirational

is an Adventure - and that begins

the MountaiN
Photo by Francesco Califano on Unsplash

First words to found a vocal voice

From the bottom ground of the hill

From underneath with force of will

Here to write the world is my choice

I will slowly climb this mountain

Of possible ways and always

Try my best over lying days

To bear and drive meaningful aims

The course will be heavy to read,

I can not promise to obtain

The wanted goal and take the lead ;

You will help me to knead the claims

So we'll together build a trail

To get to the top and give hail

By Nghia Le on Unsplash


Francis L

I present on my Vocal space meaningful half-short poetry, for now.

This may change in the future.

You can also find me at this Medium adress (there they are all different writtings from here) : medium.com/@francis-l

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Francis L
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