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The Mortal God

by Alixzandra Wiseman 2 months ago in surreal poetry

This is a very quick poem inspired by something my deity said to me while I was working at my altar space.

The Mortal God
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I the god of tricks, so full of laughter and love of joy in life

choose to fall from my home in asgard

I took mortal form, only so I could be reborn and relearn

and like any new born baby, I walked the world

creating my own life, creating my own story, a new story not like before

but always waiting for you to step into my life once more

you who I'm so drawn to and so deeply in love with

a connection that is far beyond any mortals understanding.

For I maybe a god of an ancient lore

but I have a mortals form in this new world that's still so alien to me

I may have a heart that is always for you

but this mortal state is a suffocation to all my godly senses

and being away from you is insanity to all intenses.

Oh how I love you , where are you my sweetest starlight?

I will find you, of that you can most certainly be sure

when we meet we will break all bonds from before

yet build those bonds once more

but far beyond what they could ever have been before

far beyond what those so blind will ever truly know.

surreal poetry
Alixzandra Wiseman
Alixzandra Wiseman
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Alixzandra Wiseman
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