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The Mind's Mirror

The Past, a Living Ghost

By Bradley RamseyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
The Mind's Mirror
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The home reflects your mind,

What shall you find?

Empty spaces filled,

Memories killed.


I hear their voices above,

With who they love,

Left all alone,

Faded headstone.


Here lies my dead past,

No stone to cast,

Life goes on,

Still withdrawn.


I live inside these bones,

Hollow secrets, hushed tones,

A living ghost,

Heartbroken most.


With eyes closed I see,

What's meant to be,

Lost, never found,

Buried underground.


Together we'll walk these halls,

Cold air, heat falls,

A fading touch,

Broken crutch.


The home and mind broken,

Left as a token,

Birds don't sing,

Shattered wing.


Start a new story now,

To the past disavow,

Revive your home,

Dusty tome.


This is the only choice,

To sacrifice my voice,

Stay quiet here,

Soaking fear.


A fresh start isn't easy,

Burn it down freely,

Cleanse my soul,

Made whole.


Do I have the strength?

Stay at arm's length,

Wrapped in cocoon,

Reborn soon.

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About the Creator

Bradley Ramsey

Lover of dogs, gaming, and long walks on the beach. Content Marketing Manager by day, aspiring writer by night. Long time ghostwriter, finally stepping into the light. Alone, we cannot change this world, but we can create better ones.

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  • Caitlin Fogarty3 months ago

    Incredibly deep and relatable!

  • Joe Patterson6 months ago

    This would make for a great song.

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