The Mind Is a Prison

I can't escape.

The Mind Is a Prison

I got this cage that Im trapped in//

No windows to see just a cell with I, and I with me//

concrete floors with no bed so I take a knee//

in this cracked mirror all I see is poor reflection of what's intended to be//

crowded hallways along this path blocking my intersection//

My inner turmoil boiling over showing my inner demons//

they got faces of past memories, I cant block what Im seeing//

Is this hell or a prediction of my open wounds bleeding//

theres a puncture in this heart and missing place for my lung//

I cant breath, this pain is awful, I just been stung//

another dose of my illusion has just begun//

I close eyes hoping for better days soon to come//

while I sit in the corner with cornerless light//

a new series begins and it plays to the sound of my might//

as long as I hold tight this circus will resolve//

no mercy for the weak while the wicked get no sleep through the night//

Im just an act for the show by the puppeteer//

holding my string is Lucy-Here and he plays with what I hold dear//

surreal poetry
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Ruben Gonzales

I write for poetry, for life, to take one's understanding so much deeper then that they know of. I tell the stories with a meaning thats beyond with a feeling that will pull you in.

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