The Millionth Poem About Rape

by Skylar Cribb 2 years ago in slam poetry

Another Statistic

The Millionth Poem About Rape

You say I'm a baby, that it makes me childish to be afraid to walk to the public restrooms alone

But what you don't know is

Around every corner, around every turn, there is danger waiting to pounce upon prey

You can drink as much as you want in public, you can wear whatever pleases you, and late night walks may be your favorite

Maybe I too would enjoy a night walk if I wasn't petrified at the thought of being raped in a dark ally or picked up by an unknown man in an unknown car

I cannot travel the world alone without fear inside me, I cannot do simple day-to-day things without a thought of being assaulted

Walking out of work is now dangerous

The world is scary and I have to be aware of it, or else become another statistic that we can stare at and be thankful it wasn't us or our friends

Maybe I wouldn't have to be writing the millionth poem about rape if you would just stop

Raping us

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Skylar Cribb
Skylar Cribb
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