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The Many Shades of Me

Color is Pride: True Colors Poem

By Ayesha HiltonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Let's Not Dilute Our Greatness (photo source: canva premium)

I am a blend of many

Intense and muted

Colored parts

At risk of being diluted

Some are ethereal and light

Silver lined optimism

Sunny yellow disposition

Purple cloaked wisdom

Some are dark

Swirling black fears

Raging crimson fury

Saturating blue tears

The truth is

I am none

And all of these

I am both moon and sun

These are me

My many hues

The brights that illuminate

The darks that confuse

My many imperfections

Are both flaws and gifts

They are the golden threads

Healing internal rifts

Embracing what is

I choose a life

Lived in full color

In all its joy and strife

To express my greatness

I will not dim my light

Nor hide my shadows

This is my personal fight

I claim all the colors of me


About the Creator

Ayesha Hilton

We all have greatness within us. My mission is to express my own greatness and support others in expressing theirs.

I am a writer, creative, and mentor. Through my work, I want to bring more beauty and inspiration into the world.

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