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The Man Who Knew Too Much

by W.H. Michael about a year ago in surreal poetry
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The meaning of love

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

I knew a man who knew too much

I heard his sobs and followed them

Till I found him at the bottom of a stairwell

Sitting pathetically alone

His face turned to a corner

"Why do you sob so," I asked the man

Without turning to look at me he said

"For a gumball, I will tell you"

I reached into my pocket and hesitated

I love gumballs

The man knew this

This was my last gumball

He knew this too

"Come come you wish to know, yes?"

"Then, you must pay the price"

I gave the man my gumball

Though he continued to sit

With his face to the wall

He placed my gumball into his mouth

And I heard it crack

"I am a wealthy man," he said

"For I can forget nothing"

"Every spoken phrase"

"Every written word"

"Every thought, I remember"

"Thus, I have created for myself a perfect world"

"Then why sir do you sob"

"If you truly have everything you desire."

"You should be the happiest man alive"

The man took my gum from his mouth

He played with it

Rolling it between his fingers

Then stuck it to the wall

"Love can not exist in a perfect world"

"I sob because I know this"

"And yet I still chose perfection"

"A perfect world without love?!" I exclaimed

"Sir! How can this be?"

"Your words defy their own meaning"

I heard the man sob more

or was he laughing

"To struggle, fail and then to succeed"

"This is to know love"

"But for you to understand this"

"Would cost you another gumball"

"And I know, you had but one"

surreal poetry

About the author

W.H. Michael

Father of three awesome kids, writer of speculative and contemporary fiction.

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