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The Magnificent Ants

Subtitle: An Inspiration for Perseverance and Cooperation

By Beyond the BrightnessPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
The Magnificent Ants
Photo by Jenny Chambers on Unsplash

Small and simple, yet so wise,

An ant can do what some humans despise.

With strength beyond its size, it carries its load,

A work ethic that leaves us in awe.

Marching in lines, with a purpose so clear,

The ant knows its role, and holds no fear.

It works together, a team so strong,

While humans often fight, and do each other wrong.

The ant never tires, in its quest for survival,

While humans too often give into denial.

With determination, it reaches its goal,

While we sometimes falter, and lose control.

So let us learn, from this tiny creature,

And strive to be better, in every feature.

For though we may tower, above the ant,

There is much to admire, in its unwavering stance.

So let us not underestimate, the power of the ant,

For it teaches us all, what it truly means to be a "want-to-be" human.

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About the Creator

Beyond the Brightness

Hi, welcome to my story page. I write what I have experienced in life, its directly from my heart. We all are connected like the stars and hence we share so many emotions and feelings. Let's feel in those words.

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