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The Lungs

Pull me back under

By Artist of procedurePublished 7 months ago 3 min read
The Lungs
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Kelly was her name a small girl sitting by a small lake surrounded by a open field. Her hair was white, a pure bleach color that blended with the sun as it flowed into the blinding view she would always dip her muddy feet in not that it helped much she cleaned herself at home for that.

It was more for comfort she loved how cold the water was, compared to how fiery it was at home always being yelled at for her neglect to raising her siblings. Her mother worked nights at a restaurant while the father worked at the airport constant twelve hour shifts even more with lack of staff. Her little brothers loved her like a angel and she loved them but she was free spirited the best she would do is take them on her crazy adventures through the open field in their backyard. She was sixteen and barely reaching four feet in height along with her freckled body and slender size. The brothers saw her as a mother more than their own seeing her more,at school before she dropped out she was labeled Skelton and fairy. The only reason she mangaed to go back to home schooling because of her constant protests and lack of money for a proper baby sitter with two of the brothers barely four as all three came close to her size yet still cuddled under her like no tomorrow she always smiled big and wide pecking them constantly on the cheeks and tickling them to death. But this time she felt tired she slowly dipped further and further into the cold water.

She felt happy the cold gave a sensation of excitement that she got whenever she would tell her long winded jokes and with times they actually landed making the whole family laugh she jumped around screaming happily while running around. The cold finally reached her stomach feeling her heart beat with the cold as it became more rapid reminded her how happy she was the first time she made a friend the excitement ran through her body her good ol friend was named joy. They would always greet each other at school holding hands racing each other through the hallway. The water captured her long flowing hair it slowly creeping through her roots in her she felt peace along with a silent comfort overwhelm her as she remembered how comforting it was to lie down next her dad early in her life as he would clutch his first born tightly loving her so much. Happy tears flew out her closed eyelids slowly sinking to the bottom it was not to far from the top barely ten feet deep. She crouched there at the bottom the cold enveloped her and the soaked green dress.

She slowly opened her eyes wishing to go back up she swam only to feel like she was stopped as she tried to reach the top painful memories grew. Remembering the bad memories her parents always going off to work as leaving the siblings starved for dinner her lungs clenched hard looking for air. She swam further up crying a bit as she remembered her friend joy lost her life in a car accident. She screamed in pain her lungs tigthening further she finally reached the surface running back into the grass she slowly coughed trying to regain air in her body. At first it seemed like she was recovering from the lack of air but she couldn't breathe at all memories still flowed through her looking in the reflection she saw a skelton in the lake. She remembered how her father wouldn't even call her not even talk to her not one conversation since she was ten she hadn't seen the man unless she was already half asleep. It shouldn't hurt so bad she said so why does it. The air didn't make her lungs feel good she wanted to feel good and only the sensation of happiness flowed back to her as she touched the water.

She slowly dived into it the cold but happy memories slowly sleeping. She felt her lungs fill again happy but silent through that whole hot summer day.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    Great work! Good job!

  • Wow 😮 📝👌💚

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