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The love story of "my" parents

A narrative poem

By Strange SuePublished 2 years ago 2 min read

"For there will be no more darkness for him, and no doubt he will be like Adam

as he was before the fall. able to see in the darkness."

My father's body is a world of horrors

His body is a city we never knew

He hides in the places where he has been and where we were going

His letters were about a house where he lived briefly

In the letters, the logic of his love grows

My father's body is a city of horrors

He is the only witness to its dance of terror

He hides where he has been, where we would have lost him

His letters are in a house where his body is frightened

He met death and wallowed with his thoughts.

On his last day, he closed himself in a room

with two bottles of gin, and later

Lying flat on the ground

So the cerebral blood flowed to

that had never been washed by the fluids

A new compartment that had never been scrubbed with fluid

He died in a few minutes of new peace.

His early life was a frightening comedy

My mother divorced him over and over again.

He would rush into the white eyes of the train

The magnetized cave

Once, in an attempt to achieve fame

He got drunk and collapsed in the street

In Ceylon, blocking the Parihar

-that of elephants, dancers, and local dignitaries.

Since it was a half-official, half-white spectacle

this move was seen as

a decisive turning point in the autonomy movement

and led to the independence of Ceylon in 1948.

(Mother did her part -

She was a terrible driver.

Whenever the villagers recognized her car

they threw stones at her)

Fourteen years of marriage

They each claimed that he or she

was the injured party.

Once at the Colombo pier

To a newlywed couple saying goodbye

The father was jealous of the mother's expressive feelings

So he dived headfirst into the dockside water

Chasing after the departing boat and waving goodbye

The mother pretended she didn't know him at all

He was caught in the crowd and returned to the hotel.

This time he was in the news again

Although his mother corrected the story in a text message to the editor

corrected the story - saying he was drunk

not heartbroken over a breakup with a friend.

When the boat arrived in Aden

the married couple received

two copies of the Ceylon Daily News.

Then in his last years

He was a silent drinker

A man who once a week

His bottle of wine disappeared into the room

He was there until he was very drunk

Until sober.

Where speeches, sleep, apologies

Gentle letters were created.

With the clarity of an architect

He writes a row of blue flowers

That his new wife planted

Write about his plan to put electric lights in the house

Write how my half-sister approached a snake

The snake awoke but did not harm her.

His credit is written in the most evocative script

His heart gradually expanded, expanded, expanded

Expanding to all the changes in his children and friends

And he moved into

his private

Terrible sharp hate

Until he stood firm and

Stretches his body upright

The blood roars into

The empty pool of bones

The blood searches his mind without metaphor

surreal poetry

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Strange Sue

Good enough before generously owned.

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    Strange SueWritten by Strange Sue

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