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The light of Gaia

by Corrin Harris about a year ago in nature poetry
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A poem

The light of Gaia
Photo by Benjamin Behre on Unsplash

Gaia, mother of all creatures;

Of land, sky, and sea.

Great teacher of teachers,

Strength, love, and serenity.

She hid a secret deep inside,

In time she would remorse.

The gift of wisdoms light,

A powerful and special force.

By veeterzy on Unsplash

It’s vessels were her waters,

Her sacred earth, and trees.

It’s power only faltered,

Through destructive deeds.

For few billion years,

Her children lived and thrived.

They’d grace her with tears,

And fill her with pride.

By Louis Maniquet on Unsplash

The youngest of these,

Was the race called man.

Who desired to be,

The strongest clan.

Intelligent and strong,

Humans came to be.

But, it would not be long,

Til they knew of greed.

By Ales Krivec on Unsplash

The new rulers of all in the land.

They took without giving back.

Then came the rules and powers of man;

But the love of Gaia they lacked.

They dug up her mountains,

And cut down her trees,

Then trespassed in fountains,

And polluted her seas...

By Fuu J on Unsplash

...And so in Gaia’s remorse and grief,

She Hid upon the land,

Wisdoms light on sacred leaf.

Invisible to the eyes of man.

By v2osk on Unsplash

We must not forget our earthly kin.

Let’s replenish land and sea.

May we connect to our hearts again,

And with her light and love be free.

nature poetry

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