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The Last Wind

by Chelsey Louise

By Chelsey LouisePublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Before you read: This is a free-verse poem dedicated to my grandma who passed away a couple of years ago. She often spoke about her fears of death and growing older, and I wish I had been able to comfort her more before she passed. I think of her every day.



Where are you now? Is your soul swimming in a tunnel of light, dripping with opaque stars that watch your journey in harbored delight? Your mind drowned long before your flesh, and I wonder if you know who I am in death.

"...swimming in a tunnel of light..."

I’m sorry we could not play in the high grass under the evening sun again, or swing slowly on the porch that snoozed outside of time, where I learned to see the world in questions and curiosities that made you smile. Now that you are gone, I look in the mirror and see ghosts.

I mourn the path we must take at the end of our days, and the pitiless breeze that swept you away.

Do you feel? Are you happy? Where do we go, my heart, when we pass that threshold into the dark? I did little to make you eager to stay, and your voice leaves me gasping while the world sleeps, tightening around fragile lungs, begging for one more day in the light.

"...when we pass that threshold into the dark..."

No matter how far I run, our souls move like dancers in hospital gowns, bracing for the last wind together.

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About the Creator

Chelsey Louise

Twitch Partner turned writer. I like to write across all genres, leaning mostly toward fantasy, horror, and poetry.

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