The Last Teardrop

by Amanda Ante 2 years ago in heartbreak

I refuse to cry over you anymore.

The Last Teardrop
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a tear drop, full of pain, sadness, and heartbreak,

no more tears, i refuse to cry over you anymore.

tired of listening to familiar songs, trying to keep memories alive,

memories that aren’t there,

tired of giving my attention to someone who doesn’t care.

i need to move on as you have, said with a bittersweet smile

12pm, the last tear i will ever shed for you.

how could i love someone who has done nothing but break me,

broken, beaten, and bruised

tired of constantly taping and gluing my heart back together,

just for it to be shattered once more.

countless years of friendship, many years of love, but today i will finally move on.

today will be the last day i cry over you,

today will be the last time i beg for you to stay,

i refuse to allow you to continue to use me.

saying all the right things, everything i want to hear, but yet actions speak differently,

there is no more tape and glue left, as i have pieced my heart back together for the last

and final time.

Not for you, for me.

i refuse to allow my thoughts to keep me up at night,

playing out scenarios i know will never happen,

constantly asking myself questions, longing to ask you for the answers

when really i knew i just wanted an excuse to talk to you.

i deserve more, i deserve better.

taking this heartbreak as a lesson,

i will continue to grow and blossom,

like the baby rose that i am.

my blessing in disguise was you leaving.

will you even miss me as i leave you,

do you even care?

will you miss my smile, laughter, sarcasm, the way my curiosity gets the best of me,

will you miss the arguments that we were so famous for, the way we snuck our feelings into our messages for us to only understand.

will you miss it, my lips, my hands, my eyes,

or have you already begun to forget.

you are a tornado that crashes into my life suddenly and unexpected destroying

everything in its path yet i still chose to keep you around.

i kept you for all the wrong reasons,

fooling myself into believing the false, edited memories i have chosen to remember you by,

forgetting all the hurt and anguish you have caused me.

love has made me blind, and now i have been blessed with the gift of sight.

a teardrop, shed by the one who loved unconditionally,

the last and final one,

sliding down the warm, soft cheeks,

onto the now unfamiliar lips that once kissed you so passionately.

the last teardrop, shed by the one who refuses to continue to be broken.

Amanda Ante
Amanda Ante
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