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The last cigarette is for you

by sumaiya kona 2 months ago in art
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The last cigarette is for you

In the eyes of many people, smoking is not a good habit for women. Maybe I thought so before I knew her.

Clearly know that cigarettes have great harm, but you can't quit. It can only be said that you don't have enough perseverance! I knew her at dusk. The afterglow of the sunset left the last trace of bright red in the sky, as if it were blood. I took out my cigarette box, but found that I had smoked all my cigarettes. When I was stunned with the cigarette box, she handed me a cigarette. It's a kind of cigarette that girls smoke. I can't remember exactly what brand it is.

"Thank you!" I only said these two words, then took the cigarette, held it in my mouth, lit it, took the first sip, cool, and contained some throat tablets. She smiled and turned to leave. I took a second sip. Maybe it was urgent. I choked in my throat and coughed loudly. After taking a few steps, she turned back and laughed loudly.

"Can you smoke?" I smiled, too, inexplicably.


"I can't smoke, but I'm still looking for someone to smoke. Isn't it obvious to deceive people?" I still smiled and didn't answer her question. I just asked her name.

"Smoke!" She left laughing. It should have ended like this. We are just passers-by, and no one will remember anyone. As for how to explain what happened later, I can only say, fate!

A few days later, when I went out to play with my friends, I met her again. I guess she doesn't remember me anymore. It was only because one of her friends said hello to my friend that she stopped beside us. Everyone began to joke, and then went to play together. In this way, we got to know each other. Her name was Yan instead of smoke. The pronunciation of the two words was almost the same. I guess I didn't understand that night. After that, we left contact information and separated. Unexpectedly, she called me a few days later and asked me out to play.

Our love story began in this way, but the beginning seemed a little inexplicable. Like all love stories, it was plain with a romantic atmosphere, and sweet moments were everywhere. I thought such a day would continue, but I didn't expect it to start, and unexpectedly it ended. It's just that Yan and I didn't have this awareness, but the day came too suddenly, so we didn't have any preparation.

Yan's parents want her to get married earlier, but I am a prodigal son. Marriage is a distant thing for me. Yan soon found out this. She didn't say those two words until she met her parents. At this stage, it seems that the best choice when breaking up, but Yan didn't make this choice.

That day, I packed up my things and prepared to leave. I went to another place to see the scenery and people there. The prodigal son always chose the prodigal son's life. When I came to the station with my poor luggage on my back, bought a ticket and waited for the bus to drive, Yan appeared. First, I ran back and forth in the station until I found me.

"Really want to go?" Yan asked. I replied, "yes!" Silence, silence until the car came.

I got into the car and headed for another place without turning back. I knew that the prodigal son would not turn back. There was no reason and no need for any reason. Yan took a car in the back and followed me all the way to where I wanted to go. She didn't find me until she had no money on her.

"Why?" I didn't expect her to ask me such a question.

I replied, "I don't know!" Yes, I don't know anything. Maybe it's fate, maybe it's fate.

"Have a cigarette!" I was stunned for a moment.

She handed me the last cigarette and I took it. It was lit and the smoke burned slowly. I smoked a lot until the last part was left.

"This is the last cigarette!" What Yan said stunned me again. Maybe it's not only stunned, but also more.

"Finish smoking, and everything will be over!" It turned out that she remembered me, remembered that evening, and what happened in that evening.

"I'm a prodigal son, not worth it!" When I said this, my heart hurt inexplicably.

"That day was also my last cigarette!" Yan said a word again. I know she's waiting for me, but I can't say it because I'm a prodigal son. Yan finally decided to go back. I know she is very sad. I don't know how she went back, but soon I received a letter from her. I only read the beginning of the letter, but I didn't read it, because I couldn't read it. I burned it, hoping I could forget everything.

Until later, I went out with a friend. After getting drunk, he said Yan got married. I smiled faintly and cried all the time. After chatting for a long time, he ran out of cigarettes and only had the last one left. The friend looked at it and said, "the last one. Here you are. You are addicted to smoking!" At that moment, I couldn't laugh anymore. It turned out that not everyone can do prodigal son.

"The last cigarette is for you!" A simple sentence, and a prodigal son understood too late. Late, everything is irreparable.


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sumaiya kona

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