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The Lament of the Last Dinosaur

An Ode to the Majesty and Mystery of T-Rex

By Denelsia WalkerPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Cretaceous Sentinel

The Lament of the Last Dinosaur

In a time before time, when the earth was still young,

Where mountains were whispered and rivers were sung,

Roamed a giant so grand, with a heart full of pride,

In a world lush and green, with no reason to hide.

Majestic and mighty, with scales like the night,

The T-Rex would wander, a fearsome delight.

Through jungles and valleys, its roar split the air,

A king of its era, unmatched, beyond compare.

Yet, what did it ponder, beneath those sharp eyes?

Did it gaze at the stars, and question the skies?

Did it dream of the future, or dwell in the now,

With its thunderous footsteps, and its primal vow?

Then came the darkness, a shift in the skies,

An ending so sudden, that even kings cry.

The land turned to chaos, and shadows did fall,

A silent extinction, the end of them all.

Now fossils remain, in stone they are sealed,

A whisper of glory, that history revealed.

In museums and books, they continue to live,

A tale from the past, a gift they still give.

If Rex could return, from the echoes of time,

To witness our world, so changed, yet sublime,

Would it marvel at cities, and technology's flight?

Or lament the wild lost, to the progress of night?

Oh, Dinosaur Rex, in your ancient domain,

Your legacy lives, in bone and in name.

From the earth’s distant past, to the minds of today,

Your story endures, in the grandest of ways.


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Denelsia Walker

Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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Comments (2)

  • Novel Allenabout a month ago

    Beautifully written Denelsia, a perfect delight.

  • Margaret Brennanabout a month ago

    omg, I LOVE this. your rhyme and rhythm are so spot on and the concept is just fantastic. BRAVO

Denelsia WalkerWritten by Denelsia Walker

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