The Irony of Hell

Romeo and Juliet's Road to Hell

The Irony of Hell

Now listen to this tale

Of two chaotic lovers trapped between purgatory and Hell

With blood that runs deeper than any story to tell

Jake and Jasmine Bell

Got married on the outskirts of Hell

Just beyond the echoside and a fiery wishing well

Little did they know the price

To tamper with the boogeyman’s dice

So they didn’t think twice

Before they rolled with their life

This is how they came to be on that

Beautiful harvest moon night


Jake lived a life of fun and greed

Until his change of conscience brought him to his knees

Now he’s begging God please

To take his life and give him peace

A prosecutor that doesn’t get sleep

For condemning an innocent life because he couldn’t see

With one touch he couldn’t believe

That I’m here to take his soul with me


In the grand scheme of things, it all went awry

Jasmine knew she was gonna die

Right after she got high

Her life was gonna burst

She couldn’t take what was gonna come


So she slit her wrist

Hoping it’d end better than all of this

Now she’s weeping blood in the back of hearse

Wondering how it all got worse

What she doesn’t know is her seams are

about to burst

And I’m gonna take her soul and give it



So now you’re wondering how we got into this


Though it seems negligent

But somehow it’s Heaven sent

Let me show you how it was relevant

The chemicals that bind these two are


It’s not my fault I saw a bigger plan

These forces were set in motion before it all


And soon you’ll understand

why my liege couldn’t comprehend


Fate would have them meet on a pier

Him walking by, sees her despair

Forces of nature couldn’t have prevented it

I was the bug that commenced it

Now let’s see how it plays out


Her sobbing fills the air

mixed with the fire rain

He couldn’t contain off of a dare

To find the nature of her pain

So he walks up and initiates the game


On his overlook, my liege saw this

move made

Beside him, I explained, these two are

our golden pin in a stack of hay, let them

play and see how the lanterns lay

At this he confessed, these two are broken

given a miss.

But suicides shouldn’t be mingling like this

This world doesn’t give second chances

especially on the lines of romance

Either interrupt or face the consequence.


My rebuttal didn’t make sense

To him, the pros didn’t outweigh the circumstance

To him, they never stood a chance

To me, they’re the only ones that make a difference



“Miss, why are you crying? It seems as if you’ve stopped trying.”

Tears of blood pouring from her eyes

She looks up and confesses her crimes


“Sir, I don’t know why I’m standing on this pier. The bones it’s made of led me here. As for the red that comes from my cries, I lost myself and died.”

Beside herself, she looks at him and wonders how he got here

Such reasons that could have put him in this place, wrapped in cold, blanketed with fear

Even as he told, she could never believe she thought

Unjust and broken, the way things seem to be caught

Handsome but his life could’ve never been bought

“Why are you here? Such a nice looking fellow, how did you become damned?”

“Well ma’am, you see it’s such a long story and I don’t want to kill you of boredom.”

He looks at her and pops a grin

She to, couldn’t contain the laughter coming from within

“I was a wealthy business man. Young. Good-looking. Stupid. You’d think being a prosecutor would have its perks, mine were disposable. Or at least that’s how I see it.”


Minutes feels like a life-time here. After so long, I could tell my superior was growing impatient. Wanting me to go make a statement. I think I could get use to this resentment. It’s kinda fun being death, you get to pop up in an instant; Catching people by surprise, you catch them in lies.

He was explaining his life story, out on this bone pier, her eyes glued to him. I knew these two were the best decision.

I interjected, “What the hell are you two doing on this pier?” “Why are you two standing on my countersuit’s collection?”

Startled she says, “We both have no idea, only I was crying and he came to find out the reasons of my misfortune……..”

Jake stumbling to his feet, tumbling over his words to speak, “S-S-Sir, I saw her out on this pier, and decided to find out why her life was so “distorted.”

Interjectionally, I concluded the conversation with, “Funny.” “This is gonna have to end. I can’t have you two out here and about. That’s not what he ordered.”

With that being said I disappeared, bat’s flying from their line of sight.


An Ultimatum as given, I could never understand his vengeance of conviction

So now I’m left with this perilous decision

Soon I’m gonna show him what I’ve envisioned

It’s hard for him to understand my side

So many years, I’ve served

I feel like I’m what Hell deserves

Jealousy wont slide

Biding my time, he has to die


Back on his overlook, he was laughing

I stood resilient being the object of this reaction

Little does he know, I'm gonna stop his direction on how this bullshit is going

I have a hood for a reason, this motherfucker would never suspect his kingdom is imploding....

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