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The Introvert

by Jennifer Christiansen about a month ago in inspirational

A poem

The Introvert
Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

I remember the day

when Mom tried to leave me

at nursery school

I cried, threw a tantrum

They called her to

take me back home.

Catholic school

A narrow escape

I was caught by a nun

as I drew naked people

Sent home with a scowl.

Closed window of high school

I, like a fly, wanted out

Started over three times

yet only made friends

at home, inside books.

I’m finally myself

in front of General Hospital

with a bowl of ice-cream

Quiet nap and a recurring dream

where I come home whenever I choose.

Life is good with my hubby and dogs

Is it fate -

Or have I recreated

a life of purpose with no chance

to retreat into my quiet shell -

Travelling the tunnels of my inner home?


Jennifer Christiansen

Animal advocate and bibliophile.

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Jennifer Christiansen
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