The Internal Inferno

by Emily Corbitt 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Short Poem of Pain

The Internal Inferno

if you're reading this

you've obviously never been to hell

likewise for the one writing this.

But there's books that describe hell in detail.

Such as the bible

it speaks of a constant fire that burns for all of eternity

the darkness consumes its whole as well as those fatefully residing in its hungry mouth

It's dark

and painful.

Although it's not certain whether or not hell is real or a fantasy that gives a peace of mind knowing there's a righteous force to protect from anything negative and unwelcome.


what if..

there was no good.

there was no protector

there was no hope.

Just pure agonizing hell.

the pain is consistent

the darkness is so dense that it doesn't allow you to move

it doesn't allow you to break free.

What if you can't escape?

Welcome to my mind.

sad poetry
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