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the infinite finitude of lives, unlived

comfort provided by the cosmos

By emPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
the infinite finitude of lives, unlived
Photo by Alazar Kassahun on Unsplash

There’s one where the sky is viscous and the ground is feeble and weak,

There’s one where noise is obsolete and it’s only in colours that we speak.

There’s one where we’re all tattooed with serial numbers across our head,

There’s one where the sun’s a little further away and we’re all just kind of dead.

There’s one where we have swapped genders, and one where they don’t exist.

There’s one where the moon landed on us first and one where it’s the size of a fist.

There’s one where food has feelings, and where us lot never quite have.

There’s one with a show called “Smithy and Nessa” who’ve got mates called Stace and Gav.

There’s one, there’s a million, there’s an infinity, of possible versions of what might be.

A forever expanse of existences - an unending amount of you and of me.

There’s a dimension out there where everything happens, and one with nothing at all.

There’s even a copy of our own world: but flat. And off the edge us humans fall.

That’s a comforting thought, isn’t it? The infinity of our finite lives,

The idea that there’s a parallel universe in which every choice we never made, thrives.

It’s an existential hug from a billion arms - a cosmic kiss from our impossible selves.

Where things that can’t now sometimes can, where time ticks on past the twelves.

Not that we can access them, mind. Or see them. Or even know that they’re there,

Though loudly do they exist in my mind, entangled within my humanly hair.

Because I am me in this dimension of mine, doing the things that dimensional me will do.

Encountering days full of twilight skies and slippers. When sad days come: this is how I get through.

By remembering that here, there’s granola. In the multiverse, there’s a world where there’s not.

We get wintry autumn and sun-kissed snow - out there, there’s a world burning too hot.

We have grebes that get rescued from over-flowed lakes and mentalists that wow us on stage.

Out there grebes get mulched by man-made things, and mentalists get locked up in a cage.

We have Christmas Day and the 4th of May and a PC game about a ginger stray,

We have hand-holding and pottery moulding and the satisfying art of paper folding.

But certain universes have no such thing. No joy, no fun, no anything.

And isn’t that ace? To know that space, in specific parts, is a miserable place?

This world sure has its bad bits, but other worlds have bits even badder.

Worlds where suns never rise, there are no stars in the skies and sad people only seem to get sadder.

We have journals here, and yoghurts, and red letterboxes blessed by the Queen.

But there’s a place out there where there’s none of that - it’s the most horrific place there’s ever been.

So yeah, you’re right, I get it. Things happen here that we don’t always endorse.

Taxes. Portion sizes. Humans out on the street. People hurt people and don’t show remorse.

But of all the things that our Earth is, there’s an infinity of things that it’s not.

It’s not the worst place to live by far and by large - it’s the only home that we have got.

Knowing of a parallel universe somewhere where worse things often unfold,

Well. It’s a comforting thought - to me at least - and one that will never get old.

For all the bad days that happen here, it’s a bad week to a world a dimension away.

To think of the floods in the infinite abyss - that’s comforting on the rainiest day.

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I’m a writer, a storyteller, a lunatic. I imagine in a parallel universe I might be a caricaturist or a botanist or somewhere asleep on the moon — but here, I am a writer, turning moments into multiverses and making homes out of them.

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  • Babs Iverson9 months ago

    Outstanding!!! Loving the thoughts of another universe!!!

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