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The Immutable Roar

by Danny Fantom 2 months ago in nature poetry

the soft mist and the hard crash of Niagara Falls

The Immutable Roar
Photo by Steven Haddock on Unsplash

The August heat dared not to touch this place,

Yet Autumn chill and fine mist held sovereignty;

Masses, stood frozen by furious pace,

Transfixed by a powerful purity;

I, envious of the unabashed force,

Sought pity from primordial nature;

Perchance to drink in some strength from Gaia?

Ah, no mist could cleanse a fool's character!

The immutable roar drowns my darkness;

I recall that water is mutable;

The roar is constant, water capricious;

In this one moment I am immoveable;

I left that park, the chill, and the mist's hold,

But I kept that roar, and the fortune water told.

nature poetry
Danny Fantom
Danny Fantom
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