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The Hunt of Jaguar

by Olive Octavius 4 years ago in nature poetry
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A Poem

The beast appears to move downstream,

Its smooth fur, that, to the human eye is sleek

Whilst the true reality of life is such:

Each bristle has its own texture.

The head is soft

The paws and legs feel different

They are course

And rough.

Our animal’s thirsts

For blood, of course,

Of its favorite snack

The antelope.

They desire the scent of it

The want the musky smell

Giving them a rush

Jaguar kills and steals without mercy.

They feel in their heart of hearts

The reality of their situation,

They are aware of what they must do.

With speckled pelts, the jaguar knows one thing,

It has the home field advantage.

They creeps through the tall grasses.

Paws sliding elegantly against the ground.

Jaguars kill quickly.

With a rush of intense adrenaline,

Filling the veins

With each success.

It makes no noise.

Not from its mouth

Nor its movements

Stealth is their only arsenal

nature poetry

About the author

Olive Octavius

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