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The Human Condition

Finding Empathy in a Divided World

By Touseef AhmedPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

They say, "Look into their eyes and you

will see anger and hatred",

But I only see fear and darkness,

They say, "Look at their houses which

are more like army bases and less than homes",

But I see families who only want to live their

lives as others,

They say, "Look at those sprouts armed with guns",

But I see children going to their schools

with bags and books,

They say, "Look at those swines who are not

loyal to their nation",

But I see them dying amidst the chaos,

Trying to raise their flag, trying to uphold

their honour,

They say, "We manipulated everyone

but who are you?"

I said, " Maybe I am just a human, not a puppet

so you wouldn't succeed even a million times you do."

surreal poetrysad poetryinspirationalheartbreakfact or fiction

About the Creator

Touseef Ahmed

English Honours graduate, writing curative English content for the past five years.

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