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The Hot Sun Sinks into the Tempestuous Sea

A beautiful sunset turns into a stormy night

By Bryan DijkhuizenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

A dark evening on the beach. What could be more beautiful than a beautiful sunset on the beach? Taking in the peace. Watching the light of life disappear into the mighty sea.

The magical world, the warm sun, the beautiful sea.

It heralds the end of the day. The sun is gone. The light is out. The sea becomes wilder and stormier.

People slowly disappear from the beach, birds fly away, and gradually it becomes quieter.

The only thing you hear left is the sea. The waves of the sea. The wind.

You walk a little further along the surf. The water gets colder, your feet feel the soft sand, and you think of the warmth that has just sunk into the sea.

It begins to rain softly, drops fall on your forehead, and the wind blows them into your eyes.

It is starting to rain harder and harder. The droplets become big blobs of water on your feet. It’s getting cold. The wind starts to blow harder, and you see soft sand being taken away by the wind.

The storm has begun. It is becoming uncomfortable. It is time to leave. But you stay. You remain seated in the sand. You take the time to let yourself settle down.

You get wetter and colder. Your droplets hang from your nose and your eyelashes. It is time to go.

The beautiful warm sun is gone and has given way to a chilly cold storm.

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