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The Heat

by Jamie Probstfield 4 years ago in inspirational

This is for everyone.

That warmth, that fire.

That is inside of everyone.

Surrounds them, surrounds me.

Starts warming our souls.

Ignites our passion.

When The Heat starts.

We can't stop, passion, inspiration.

Whatever you call it.

But some days it dims.

You become lost.

It never leaves, though.


The Heat comes around, again.

Heat is our passions.

My passion.

My inspiration.

That Heat is ours.

Ours to savor.

Ours to change.

The Heat is our to do as please.

The Heat is Art.

It is Music.

It is Poetry.

It is a Motherhood.

It is everything and anything.

The Heat is our own.

Let it Bloom.


Jamie Probstfield

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Jamie Probstfield
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