The Hardest Thing

by Kendall Earl 2 years ago in sad poetry

What I Had to Do

The Hardest Thing

I will tell you about that day when I

despite my tongue and my lips going numb

Told my family I wanted to die

afterwards I felt quite shameful and dumb.

A scream and tears made my distress so clear

Even more so with my previous acts

When I cried till I was red ear to ear

Or sat in my room having panic attacks.

After a long and hard talk all of us.

They took me out into the dark warm night.

Doctor folks said therapy is a must.

My sister and mom held me super tight.

A year has pasted very long and slow.

But I am still here with my highs and lows.

sad poetry
Kendall Earl
Kendall Earl
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Kendall Earl

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