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The Half Moon's Sleepy Dream

The Couple on the Moon

By Shelly BartleyPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Photograph By: Alexander Drews

On certain nights the moon needs a change,

Quietly the bright white circle does rearrange,

Changing into half the circle it was before,

Showering the planet below with loudly shining light even more,

Still, brightly shining and never tore,

Never gaining one sore,

These nights are the time for the couple on the moon to open their eyes,

Lively waving those disguised seeing spies,

Seeking out the nighttime life roaming about,

Sounding out waves of howls for the beasts to shake around,

Casting wonderful blissful sleep over many plants,

Wind carrying the silently worded chanting,

The dark time creatures out to play,

As the moon lights up all the shadowed clay,

The woman of the moon stitches her time away,

Suggesting new moves before the day,

Man on the moon paints his own say with decorated stones shining at night,

Presents to make the moon more bright,

Words coming from this couples mouth are there,

Not everyone hears them down here,

Wolves understand the duties when night wakes,

Weeding out the nightly fakes,

The day begins to stretch out,

This nightly couple rotates back to sleep moving forward.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Shelly Bartley

From a very young age, I have always written anything from poetry to books. Enjoy painting and other arts. Have written a few songs and short stories to.

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