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THE HaiR im IN

by MagicPen 2 months ago in fact or fiction
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nature of texture <3

THE HaiR im IN
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

It's struggle between loving your natural hair and wearing horsehair. I prefer not to wear horsehair because of the unwanted attention. Attention is not always good attention and there are almost always no good intentions behind it either.

However, wearing horsehair for me did do the "I'm older and more mature." look for me. But some of the time, that wasn't the reality. Looks can be deceiving. Especially with the younger girls wearing it now too! They make give the image of being older but really are not.

I'm deciding to now wear my hair braided and covered. The best protective hairstyle. If you ask me, braids in general are the most protective and longer lasting hairstyle.

I'd rather have someone accept all of me from my crown (top of my head) to the bottom of my feet. Not in a way of admiration but in a way of love.

To love the way I look.

Whether I wear horsehair, my natural hair, or tied and covered up. Each way has to be accepted for someone to accept me.

It's been a trend for years to wear horsehair and nearly 99% of women do.

It may make you look good for the time being.... still having to deal with the reality of how we ultimately look without it. The beginning of self-care starts with an examination of yourself. And the first thing we always normally see first, is our face.

What do you really see when you reflect at yourself in the mirror?

Over the years, I've learned to love my natural self 100%.

I love the skin I'm in.

I love the pimples I see.

I love whether my waist is big or small.

I love that I'm short and not tall.

I don't mind to fall.

I love my big waist, and slightly bumpy face, hairy legs

Some stuff is just not a phase

I am who I am

That's what makes me.

People can take it or leave it.

My skin glows, my nails grow, and my silence speaks.

And here I am, undefeated.

In the mist of chaos, yet in the mist of love

It's a feeling I often feel.

When you know you real.

Down to my core, I am more.

I will love myself until I pass over

I promise to never do over,

I promise to never hide my pain.

I promise to wake up each day and give thanks.

I promise to work on me.

For me.

I promise to be the best I can be.

i am who I am,

Your opinion doesn't matter, words tend to shatter.

Even though words are everything,

People still believe nothing.

I will never be nothing.

I will always be something.

I am who I am.

A figment to your imagination,

I am like an illusionist.

I am who I make myself to be.

Whether it's to fight or flee.

I will Free myself.

I HAVE CHILDREN to live for.

The ones I do adore, each day more and more.

I am filled with love and life, down to my last strike.

Every time I'm comfortable in my own skin, it seems to change.

Which is now okay with me, I've learned to accept my ever-changing appearance. In acceptance, I am now in love with the thought of my physical body changing.

My mind elevates to a higher thinking even though the physical body of myself changes. Higher thinking meaning concrete and confident thoughts and questions.

There is always a message to love and accept yourself, especially as you are. Yes, we all have flaws but that's what keeps us calling.... calling to exceptional levels of knowledge of self.

Over the years, experience has taught me to love myself as I am. AnD to love others as they are.

It's my hair... that I choose to wear!

We ARe all A TexTuRe

<3 <3 <3 .

fact or fiction

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