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The Guiding Murmurs: Ade's Journey Unfurled

Tracing Destiny through Pain's Silent Whispers"

By K.D.A RweyaPublished 9 days ago 1 min read
The Guiding Murmurs: Ade's Journey Unfurled
Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

In the whispers of the silent night,

Echoes linger of pains out of sight.

Each ache, a voice that calls to the core,

Guiding towards what was meant before.

Born into a world with a name precast,

Destiny woven, the die was cast.

Ade, a soul with a path set in stone,

Unraveling the truths, alone.

Every pain bears its unique cry,

Leading Ade where shadows lie.

Amidst the dusk of sorrow's hold,

Her journey unfolds, a story untold.

The voice of anguish, a compass true,

Nudging her where the pain accrues.

In the depths, where old wounds reside,

Lies the roadmap to her purpose, wide.

Through trials etched in tearful ink,

Ade learns the lessons some deem as jinx.

Old pains, the lighthouse on her way,

Illuminating the dawn of a destined day.

A destiny foretold, yet never plain,

A symphony written in bittersweet refrain.

Follow the pain, the saying goes,

To unearth the truth that life bestows.

So Ade wanders, seeking within,

Finding solace where old scars begin.

For in pain's chorus, a hidden force,

Guiding her steps along life's course.

Thus, every ache becomes her voice,

Leading her to the source, the choice.

In melancholic strains, wisdom unfurls,

Old pains, the cornerstone of life's pearls.

For in the depths of each sorrowed groan,

Ade finds the path to call her own.

Destiny, not bound by a rigid decree,

But a journey unveiled, complex and free.

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K.D.A Rweya

Meet me, a master weaver of words. Enter my realm of ignited stories & Poems, soaring minds, and blurred reality. Join me in my space where words unravel your imagination's enigma. Welcome to the power of storytelling!

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  • K.D.A Rweya (Author)9 days ago

    This poem delves into the notion that within the depths of pain lie hidden truths and guiding whispers that lead one towards their destined path. Centered around a protagonist named Ade, the verses reflect on the predestined nature of her journey, highlighting the significance of pain as a compass steering her towards her purpose in life.

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