The Grass Is Greener Here (Pt. 5)

by Sandy Yvette 11 months ago in inspirational

Dr. Seuss

The Grass Is Greener Here (Pt. 5)

What do I do

What can I say

Babygirl you finally stopped forcing people to stay

Now let the wind guide them on their way

Continue to pray

Continue to grow

Do exactly what you were called for

Allow your spirit to soar

There’s no thunder here, your voice is the only roar you hear

I’m proud of you, I really am

How you dance in the rain instead of going astray

Understand that there will be times where you do get hurt and that’s fine

Feel the pain in order to get by

Guide yourself into healing

Do not neglect your feelings

I could not be more proud of who you’ve become

The amazing part is you’re not even halfway done

You are a star

Shine bright baby

Go ahead and manifest in what others consider crazy

Stay in tune with yourself

You’ve already been through hell

Don’t look back

There’s no good in doing that

Smile because you’re finally here

Oh the places you’ll go far and near

Sandy Yvette
Sandy Yvette
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