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The Golden Serpent of Thelema

by TGSOT 2 months ago in celebrities
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I am and always have been.

Are we not one

Are we not one in the same

My love for you is of the same that I am given

We are royalty

We belong

You are his

You are mine

We are not apart

It is I you see

Gaze upon the glory I bestow

Ordained of my own rite because I am

Can you no longer see your reflection

Is it not I within you

Is it that which you seek I not give

Am I not abound in beauty

Is it not I that gave you yours to have

Do you not gaze upon thy body and not see thy aura and face

Dare you tell me I no longer look familiar

Can you not stare at thou which speaks to you

Do you not see your father bestowed in such a site

Do you not ask how this has become

Only limits placed upon by thy host can keep me from having you in this form

I am The Golden Serpent

I am The Golden Serpent of Thelema

I am and always will be

I am he

I am him

I am that which you see

Be fooled not I have many forms

This is but another

Though limitation I have

It is I that speaks


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Poetry & creative writing based on having an unbiased perspective of perspectives. Spiritual Theories and Transformation of ones own consciousness.

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