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The golden age of love

by Karla Andrea 2 months ago in slam poetry
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The golden age of love
Photo by Nicolas Messifet on Unsplash

``My hands are in love, alas, my mouth loves them, and behold,

I have found that things are so close to me that

I can scarcely walk among them without hurting myself.

It's a sweet feeling, waking up, dreaming, and here I am without sleeping, I see the ivory gods,

I take them in my hand and screw them laughing, in the moonlight, like carved handles,

as they must have been in the past. ,

adorned, the rudder wheels of the ships.

Jupiter is yellow, and the wonderful Hera is silver.

I hit the rock on the wheel and it crashes.

It's a beloved dance of feelings, goddesses of the air, between the two of us. And I, with the sails of my soul swollen with longing, seek thee everywhere, and things come nearer and nearer, and my chest tightens and I ache.``

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slam poetry

About the author

Karla Andrea

I like to write poems when I'm sad.

I'm shy when it comes to my writing.

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