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A Ray of Sunshine

By Keith McHughPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Billions of beams,

Stream from The Sun.

Attaching itself to everyone,

And everything,

Living and Breathing.

Projecting a design,

So Complex and Divine,

Our bodies the end of the line.

Reflections in time,

Brilliant waves of Sunshine,

Defining our out line,

As we Design the inside.

Inline with being Happy,

The Ride Runs smoothly.

More Soothing,

Navigating the terrain,

Of this Physical plane.

Always present,


Abundant Campaigns.

Through Our tests and trials,

Sadness and Smiles,

Shining on you all the while.

Running through unaware,

The power of its loving snare.

You're under its care,

Guides you just right,

It loves to share it's Light.

Showing it's might,

It Doesn't want a fight.

Take delight in knowing,

The sun is glowing,

Growing with you,

Flowing with existence.

ALL Thanks to Consciousness,

Navigating through,

A reflection of time,

Expanding its design,

Right through YOU.


About the Creator

Keith McHugh

Good day to the wonderful soul reading this. I'm so glad to be able to share my art with so many awesome people, with such great imaginations. I hope you enjoy my little contribution. See you in the station.

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    Keith McHughWritten by Keith McHugh

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