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The God twins

An alternative myth on who created the universe

By Daniel HooksPublished 7 months ago 2 min read
By Alienpoet

In the beginning

there were two children,


A boy and a girl

born within dark matter.

The pitter patter of tiny feet

Cold, alone, with no home.

Floating through space

mesmerised by each others face

and reactions.

Through reality

times road of existence,

they clung to each through the void

never leaving each other no matter the distance.

Searching for answers

creating stories through dreams.

They began create

stars of fate

and planets through themselves.

The earth was born through their dreams

animals then human birthing screams.

But the girl twin warned her brother

that the humans like the animals

would fight and kill each other

but still he wanted to create them

as they had power, will and consciousness.

They would be like fractals

fractured consciousness of theirs.

The boy followed humanities development

but without the envelopment of love

they began to squabble, fight and war.

The boy saw the suffering had no end.

He sought an answer

to end their pain,

he chose to become human

even though his sister warned him it couldn't be undone.

His powers would be drained

by the power of the sun.

Against his mesh like flesh

he would die like all the rest.

Only his consciousness would survive

in token form

taking with him some of his karma,

when he was reborn

he became human still.

Dying and being reborn several times

trying to find an end to suffering.

But he forgot his sister even her name

he fell, he began to blame

the things he called gods,

for all the bad things happening.

His was only a humans understanding

and so demons and devils

we’re the things he blamed

his sanity was maimed.

His sister met with him

in the desert he had taken himself

away to pray in

to find an answer to ways of sin

even though his reality was thin

and broken,

she offered him a token

of her love

a rescue plan from above.

"Lets rule the world together

Make right what is wrong."

But he was scared of the devil

that had grown like the insanity in his mind

he accused her of being the one he hated

his mind was saturated

with insanity, the calamity

was that she was his only family.

He drove her away

when he died again

she knew he would never find an answer,

he'd never understand.

Until he got wise

to the insanity that burnt his eyes, his soul

so she called him into a new reality

called Hell.

Where she spoke through all humans

to his ears

and quelled his mortal fears.

But he would have to suffer

to grow

to begin to realise, to begin to know

that she was the one who held him in her arms

through the bad days when gods were gone

and Devils and demons were on his mind,

she alone would turn the tide.

Daniel Hooks

artinspirationalperformance poetry

About the Creator

Daniel Hooks

A poet, activist and story teller who currently battles with a severe mental health problem.

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