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The Gift

D. Whiteside

By Doug WhitesidePublished about a month ago 1 min read
The Gift
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

The Gift is no longer concealed, eyes open-wide to the vibrancy of light, colour, sound. The Gift has been revealed. The warm touch of kind, caring hands. The fragility of the Gift is not but a thought, the journey begins with love, attention and joy.

The Gift is challenged through co-existence. To move ahead, to belong, we find the gifts of others. Can the Gift be shared? we find gifts that are the same, we find gifts that are very much different. The Gift evolves, expands and becomes fortified.

Friendship, love, passion, talent. The Gift continues to build. The Gift is shared among the masses....with gifts far and wide "Look at my Gift"! The Gift can shine, the Gift can turn heads. The Gift can hit the sweet-spot every time. The gift can round the bases, the gift can sink the putt, the gift can score the goal.

What is that gift? the one over there that shines so bright? That captivates crowds, and is rewarded at every turn. Can we trade gifts? Is my Gift enough? The Gift unravels, the Gift continues to question....

Until the moment, when the Gift learns to embrace. When fragility is exposed and The Gift becomes one of a kind. The Gift's journey is finite, so full of adventure and experience.

The Gift will come to expire. The Gift of longevity, not guaranteed. The Gift is this moment, and the next. Knowing the Gift as the Gift, is the enduring prize and the key.


About the Creator

Doug Whiteside

Proud husband and father of a young son and daughter. Elementary school teacher for the past 20 years. Love the outdoors and taking in all that nature has to offer. That’s what inspires my writing and keeps me going.

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