The Gift of Immortality

A Poem

The Gift of Immortality

I understand that this world is nothing but a breath of eternal hope and dreams,

betrothed with undead legends, whom words and voices and art and souls left a permanent mark on this earth with no need of goodbyes.

Icons pass by each lifetime by swiveling along the swift of time and they race against leaping deer that possess

the mystical source of immortality called poetry.

And we pray to God that one day we will be one of them

Because enthroning one of us as the King

Will mean that we’ve done something to change

A world too difficult to change to begin with.

And we will engrave our names next to wishful thinkers like us that not even their wildest dreams envisioned

They would be standing next to us.

So here we are wondering what it would be like

If one day we would sit down on a plain, dull chair

And call it successfully our throne.

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