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The Gentle Abyss

by She Writes 2 months ago in sad poetry

Blue in me, and me in blue; a poem about depression.

The Gentle Abyss
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The inky blue of the sea,

Somehow it calls out to me.

The ocean of Homer be,

My loss, my gain; being empty.

Swirl upon swirl, in the deep

Have all the secrets that I could keep.

I dwell upon it while I sleep,

While the blue doesn't make a peep.

Yes I know this color well,

I've lived in it for quite a spell,

How long in the future I cannot tell,

I have bought what it does sell.

Yet the blue is among the rain,

And while this blue does cause me pain,

I know that does cause my gain,

And will wash out the deepest stain.

sad poetry
She Writes
She Writes
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