The Game

by Jai Storm 2 years ago in slam poetry


The Game

This was like a deck of cards, and you stacked the deck, like a dealer does when he deals, you stole it all back, every penny, every ounce I gave to you, shuffled it up and tore me right through, now I've got a 10 of hearts trying to come back, gotta stack 'em up and play the deck, but I always forget that the dealer always wins, you either got 21 or you ain't got shit, well here we go, I've done it again.

Fill out this survey, let us know how we did, did we ask too little, did we forget the little things, should I have held you closer, should I have loved you more, how would you rate the love I gave you, scale of 1 to 4?

Like Monopoly, the banker's a cheat, you drew on the money, girl, you sure played me, got my hotels crumbling, rooms up for rent, nobody staying cause there ain't nothing left to get, the boardwalk's empty, beach dried up, old New York place is closing down, all the Broadway signs are dimly lit, the shows sold out, bought my last ticket and I threw yours out, do not pass go, go straight to jail, all my money's gone, I spent it all...on you.

It's kind of like the ink on paper, smudged it as it dried, let the tears fall down and soak the page, wrinkled every sheet, book turned yellow and showed it's age, I been holding it for so long it's got sweat stains, your favorite author and your favorite page, girl I'll never forget the day you read it out loud.

So tell me where did I go wrong?

Did I not write the perfect love song?

Did I not sing you to sleep?

Or hold you in my arms when you were freezing?

I coulda swore I said I love you half a million times,

Was I too short with my response,

Why is it every time it goes wrong?

Oh please just fill me in...

Please just love me again...

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