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The Future Awaits

by Casey Spears 4 years ago in sad poetry

In the darkness, will you look for light?

The future is a great place,

and I will soon be there.

I am fluent in the language

of non material things.

I listen closely.

Come what may, I am ready.

The future says,

In the darkness, look for my light.

and I say.

“Yes, thank you,”

and I am grateful.

The future is fast approaching,

but not all find comfort.

This nonmaterial language

gets lost in translation.

Please, listen closely.

The future waits for all, but stops for no one.

They think they hear,

In the darkness, fear my light!

and they cry,

“No, not yet!”

and they aren’t ready.

sad poetry

Casey Spears

I'm a 20-year-old that loves creative writing, especially poetry. Please enjoy my writing.

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