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The Thin Line Between

By M. Fritz WunderliPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Runner-Up in After the Parade Challenge


2 feet along a razor's edge

Straddling the line between

2 worlds.


Split in 2, torn down the middle

Balancing the fringe between

2 sides.


2 parts of me to choose from

Wavering and leaning between

2 halves.


2 meanings for one person

Choosing who I am between

2 definitions.


2 phases to move through

Stuck in the crease between

2 chapters.


2 faces to present, to reveal

A narrow contour between

2 surfaces.


2 to beat, pump, and love means

More to accept, more to share between

2 hearts.


2 to make me whole, complete

Don't want to choose between

2 features.


2 eyes to see myself more clearly

No thin filament between

2 points.


2 feet on the ground, running

No longer straddling between

2 worlds.

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About the Creator

M. Fritz Wunderli

I love storytelling and the transformative process it brings for both readers and writers. I hope my stories have that same effect.

Check out my Instagram page- @vunderwrites.

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  • Miranda Putneyabout a year ago

    I love this piece, thank you for sharing it :)

  • Isa Ottoniabout a year ago

    Love the duality, and what a beautiful poem!

  • Madeline Davisabout a year ago

    A great invitation to consider and contemplate self-reflection more deeply. Not a word wasted in this packed poem, but full of punch to read and reread... Excellent work!

  • D. L. Lewellynabout a year ago

    Thought provoking, with a great rhythm.

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