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The Flask, Mask, and Frame

by Sand 3 years ago in art
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Still she hides...


She had this beautiful glass frame

Looked through it every day

Felt its imperfections they were perfect to her

Intriguing one of a kind

Hands of an alcoholic they shook

The frame showed the alcoholics reflection

The frame asked “what’s wrong, beautiful? Smile for me” the alcoholic panicked grabbed a mask and showed the brightest smile they could muster

“Ahhh, that’s better.” So the alcoholic kept the mask the frame and a flask but that flask grew and the alcoholics vision grew blurry

She didn’t wanna hold on anymore

She let it go she dropped it all

The frame shattered the mask disintegrated

“Who was I. What am I now” alone but surrounded now this alcoholics sober lost and running from being found. “I miss my beautiful frame.”

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash


About the author


I used to feel like i could show people what I overcame. I’m older now and broken down I guess I’m really just calling out without expectations these days it’s smoothing still being able to hear myself.

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