The Five Senses

by jenna kusler 11 months ago in sad poetry

Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, Hear

The Five Senses

The brain the most amazing

yet destructive thing

divided up into four pieces

fit together like a puzzle

capable of the memories/thoughts, skills, language, and movement

but also capable of senses

such as touch

the the things you feel physically

the hand you wish to hold

the kiss you wish to feel

the flower petals you pick off daisy’s wondering if he loves you or not


the sensation of flavor

the way the liquor you drink burns your throat as you try to numb the pain

the coffee you drink early in the morning after you haven’t slept because of the millions of thoughts


the power of perceiving scents

the fragrance of his cologne

the fragrance of roses and peonies he would send


the ability to view

the sunsets you watched

the way his eyes shone a dark green in the sunlight

the reflection looking back at you

broken and empty


the ability to perceive a sound

the way he spoke

the countless sad songs you drowned yourself in

the silence that now surrounded you

you’re brain is capable of pushing you to be your best

you’re brain is capable of pushing you to your breaking point

the brain is the most amazing yet destructive thing.

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