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The Feeling

by E.B. Mahoney 2 months ago in heartbreak · updated 2 months ago
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I thought the feeling was a curse

The Feeling
Photo by Oliver Hae on Unsplash

For the longest time,

too long,

I thought the feeling was a curse.

Public tears, mortifying,

too vulnerable, too childish.

Not tough enough.

Over the smallest things,

or the accumulation of many small things,

it never has taken much.

But as I grow older,

and the sentiments often remain the same,

I know now that the bravest thing is to feel.

Only the strongest feel it all,

and understand what it means.

For to feel is to confront, and acknowledge.

These things, seemingly small or not,

hold weight and meaning in ways that are not understood by all.

And in ways that are different for all.

To garner meaning and importance from anything is a great gift.

And to hold importance and regard for anything,

is the bravest thing anyone can do.

Because when we care, we risk hurting.

For anything can be taken away.

And only the fearful deny living,

to spare themselves such pain.


About the author

E.B. Mahoney

Amateur author, artist, and broke student. Based in Australia, E.B. Mahoney enjoys climbing trees, playing a real-world version of a fictional sport, and writing in the scant spare time she has left.


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