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The farmers of India

The sad life of Indian farmers

By DollyPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The farmers of India
Photo by Guru Moorthy Gokul on Unsplash

The farmers of India, with calloused hands,

Tilling the soil, on barren lands,

With the sun beating down, on their backs,

They toil, to feed the nation's packs.

Through the seasons, they toil and sow,

With the hope, that their crops will grow,

They work hard, with the land they know,

To provide, for the people who follow.

By Rupinder Singh on Unsplash

They are the backbone, of our nation,

Providing food, with dedication,

With every harvest, they renew,

Their spirits, and the nation's due.

Though they may be humble, and often unseen,

Their work is vital, and always keen,

We honor the farmers, of India,

For their tireless labor, and bountiful bounty.

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