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The Evergreen Painting

by Natalie Spack about a month ago in inspirational

by Natalie Spack

A picture of my dad and me

When he died

My saturation fell to twenty percent

Days faded like a sepia movie

With him all life's color left


But then simple things

A kind word

A smile

An explosive sunset

Dropped a few cents

Into my saturation bucket


Eventually new colors appeared

In my wheel of life

Hues I had never seen

Broke through my grief


Now my life's palette is different

Pain changed it

But after awhile it got more vibrant

I had to choose that


I have his sea-foam eyes

And Irish rosy cheeks

Yet the wisdom he gave me

Is the treasure I seek


I carry on his shades and tints

As I create a new kind of painting

Mixing in the unique colors

Gained from life on the daily


One day I too will pass on

this color wheel to my children

They will use my life's rainbow

To create a masterpiece of their own


And the colors of life’s expressions

Bleed onto the next generation

Continually creating a living

Evergreen painting

My dad and me

Natalie Spack
Natalie Spack
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Natalie Spack

I always have a notebook around so I can write down my thoughts! Anything from scripts, short stories, novels, songs, to poems! I also love comedy and make my own funny sketches on youtube (www.youtube.com/nataliespack)

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