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The End Of All.

By Madison Julius Cawein

By kamika eleanor Published 8 months ago 1 min read


I do not love you now,

O narrow heart, that had no heights but pride!

You, whom mine fed; to whom yours still denied

Food when mine hungered, and of which love died

I do not love you now.


I do not love you now,

O shallow soul, with depths but to deceive!

You, whom mine watered; to whom yours did give

No drop to drink to help my love to live

I do not love you now.


I do not love you now!

But did I love you in the old, old way,

And knew you loved me ‘though the words should slay

Me and your love forever, I would say,

“I do not love you now!

I do not love you now!”


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kamika eleanor

Blogger focused on film, media, fandom, music, science, technology, and all things geeky. Also a UX Designer/Internet Moderator/Content Creator/Book Author

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